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Are iPhone Photos Good Enough for a Website?

As a professional photographer turned website and SEO expert, I get asked: “Are iPhone photos good enough for a website?” It’s a valid question, especially given the increasing quality of smartphone cameras. And, I can give you a definitive answer.  Why Listen to Me? I was a professional photographer (Bauman Photographers) for 12 years. I … Read more

Can a Website Tell If You Save a Picture?

Screenshot showing how you can save an image from a website by right-clicking on the photo

Ever found an image online so captivating, you couldn’t help but save it? You’re definitely not alone. But, here’s a question “Can a website tell if I save a picture?” It’s a great question that pushes us into the fascinating world of web analytics, HTTP requests, digital privacy, and legal issues. Quick NavigationDo Websites Know … Read more

Quick Keyword Research in Less Than 90 Seconds

Laptop showing the screen with a keyword search sample on its monitor

For this post, we’re talking all about keyword research. Finding good keywords is arguably the MOST important skill a niche website builder can posses.  Do you have 90 seconds to find a treasure trove of low competition, question-style keywords? If so, read on. You’re probably not using this tactic, and it’s really really simple to implement. … Read more

How to Use REGEX in Google Search Console to Find Keywords

Using keyword filter and search in Google Search Console

Using REGEX in Google Search Console is kind of like having keyword-research superpowers. Find keywords your website is ALREADY visible for, and then do something with them. Quick NavigationHow to Use REGEX in Google Search Console for Keyword ResearchHow to Filter Keywords Found Using REGEXHow to Update Content with Google Search Console KeywordsScenario OneScenario TwoWrapping … Read more

9 SEO Tactics for 2023 [Site Speed, Internal Linking, Video, etc]

Screencap of a twitter post listing out seo tips to pay attention to in 2023

I posted this on Twitter: It sparked some good conversations, so I thought I would share the WHY and HOW of each of these: Quick Navigation🎯Core Web Vitals🎯Adding Personalization🎯Embedding Video🎯Tighter Internal Linking & Anchor Text🎯Unique Images🎯Author / Company Validation🎯Page Level Schema🎯Local CitationsWrapping Up 🎯Core Web Vitals Core Web Vitals are a set of user-centric metrics … Read more