Email List Segmentation: Case Study with 60% Increase

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Alright, today we’re talking about email marketing. I’m going to show you a case study where we increased our email subscribers with a couple of simple changes. 

Email marketing is a great strategy for your website. You are future-proofing against Algo Updates and AI, while also adding another potential revenue stream. 

Let’s get into it. 

➑️ How segmenting our email list got us a huge increase in conversions

➑️ Learn why email segmentation is a MUST for every website. πŸš€

Here are the exact steps we followed for segmenting our e-mail list πŸ‘‡

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The website we’re talking about today is the one I feature in our $10k case study.  

We noticed an interesting trend in our analytics. Our in-depth tutorial articles were gaining a lot of traction. Not only ranking and traffic increases, but other metrics like time on page were high.

More Traffic, More Conversions, Right? Not Quite

More traffic and engagement is always great! But there was one problem – our lead gen offer and pop-up were not converting these visitors well at all.

So the increase in traffic to these articles was not yielding an increase in email subs. And that was our goal from them.

After a rather simple analysis, it was clear why…

Analytics to the Rescue

Our email lead gen pop-up only converted 0.24% 😱 

That’s 2.4 leads out of 1000 people! Low conversion = Fewer leads. πŸ˜”

Email lead gen daily statistics

What were we offering with our lead gen pop up? 50+ professional tips for succeeding in our niche. 

Let’s be honest. Pretty boring offer. 

Introducing Email Segmentation

While our offer was boring, it was also very generic. And generic never converts as well. 

But that’s actually a pretty easy fix. We had several categories on our site, each of which covered more specific topics to the niche.

Enter Segmentation.

We set 3 goals to improve our email lead opt in rate: 

  1. Increase overall leads conversions by creating more relevant, personalized content and offers based on audience interests
  2. Better resonate with our engaged subscribers’ interests to provide value and prevent unsubscribes
  3. Achieve a higher ROI from our marketing efforts through better segmentation

So, we introduced custom lead-gen offers & pop-ups, split by the core topic covered in each category. All articles in a specific category would get a specific lead gen offer and pop up.

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How We Segmented our Email List

Here’s what we did πŸ‘€

πŸ’‘ First, we dug into our analytics to identify exactly which topics and content were gaining the most traction with readers outside our main target audience. 

We specifically looked at traffic and engagement metrics around our software tutorials.

Next, we developed new lead gen offers and guides around those software tutorial topics, creating content hyper-relevant to this segment’s interests.

This helps attract higher-quality leads by providing them tailored value.

Pro Tip: You can use MailerLite’s advanced segmentation features to create custom rules and filters based on subscriber behavior and activity. That way, you can deliver targeted, personalized emails to specific audience segments and prevent them from unsubscribing πŸ”πŸŽ―

Customizing the pop-up behavior features

Finally, we replaced our old generic pop-up with new personalized ones shaped specifically around the interests of each subscriber segment. Targeting pop-ups based on audience interests is proven to drive higher conversion rates.πŸ’₯

Targeting the interests of a new audience segment is the way to higher conversion rates. πŸš€

The Results

The results after one month? We saw a 60% change in conversions on our new segmented pop-ups compared to the old generic one! Better segmentation gave us more value from the same amount of traffic and a boost in new leads.

A higher conversion rate means you get more value from your existing traffic and marketing efforts. πŸ’ͺ

Data analytics reflecting the traffic and conversation rate of an email lead gen strategy
Data analytics reflecting the increase of subscribers, visitors and conversation rate after a month of implementing new email strategies

In summary, here are 3 tips to improve your own email strategy:

  1. Learn from your audience data and identify trends around engagement and interest in certain topics/content types. Look for opportunities to better cater to these.
  2. Create highly relevant, personalized offers shaped specifically around the interests of each audience segment you identify. This resonates more, which leads to higher conversions.
  3. Leverage segmentation features in your email service to target different pop-ups, messages, and content to each subscriber segment for higher conversions.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Proper email segmentation can seem complicated but is one of the highest ROI activities for improving conversions.

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