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What is Weekend Growth?

Led by Jared Bauman and the team at 201 Creative marketing agency, Weekend Growth is our place to talk side hustle projects that turn into full time incomes that go on to create life changing assets. With 20+ years of online marketing experience, a successful marketing agency, a portfolio of profitable websites, and several website sales under our belt, we share what is working (and not working) today.

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Successful SEO

The 201 Creative team has successfully grown dozen’s of brands through SEO, social media, and email marketing. They work with select investors to grow and manage their digital portfolio, while also owning and operating multiple websites of their own. Jared is a contributor at Search Engine Land.

Entrepreneur Experience

Jared founded Bauman Photographers, a well known Southern California photography studio. After 11 years of growth, he sold in 2012. He co-founded ShootDotEdit, the premium editing company for pro event photographers worldwide, and sold his shares in 2019. He then co-founded 201 Creative, a marketing agency.

Podcast Host

Jared is the host of the Niche Pursuits Podcast, one of the longest running SEO, affiliate marketing, and side hustle podcasts. The podcast features successful online marketers who share their stories and strategies for growth.

Speaker and Educator

Jared has spoken to business owners on stages large and small across the country. A 9 time speaker at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference, Jared has conducted several multi-day courses on Creative Live, in addition to two national speaking tours.

Website Photography Made Easy [Course]

Tired of using stock photos for your website, but don’t have a process for taking decent photos? Great website photography does not have to be hard – you just need a process. With over 4 hours of video content, this course takes you on site to 12 different photography examples, ranging from photographing food, products, fitness, fashion, and even inanimate objects. Jared has educated photographers on worldwide stages like Creative LivePro Edu, and WPPI. And now, he’s sharing his secrets with website builders all over the world.