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How to Move from a Niche Website to a Brand

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Change is the only constant, right? Especially in our digital world. With Google’s recent updates, it’s become evident that brands are taking the spotlight.  If you’re wondering how to pivot from a niche site to a brand, you’re in for a treat.👇 I recently had a hour+ conversation on Twitter “Spaces” with two familiar faces: Jamie I.F., a … Read more

19 Ideas to Implement HCU Changes

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Woah, what a response to the Helpful Content Update Analysis Spreadsheet I released. 1,666 of you downloaded it since it was released! I’ve gotten so many great pieces of feedback like this one and this one, along with some pretty cool ideas on how to use ChatGPT on the 124 prompts I provide. A little while after releasing it, I … Read more

How to Do Local SEO for Your Website

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Local SEO is SUCH a high ROI strategy: ➡️ very few small business’ do any local SEO ➡️ most local websites are incredibly under optimized Quick Navigation5 Proven Local SEO Steps1. Set Up Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business)2. Set up Service Pages on Your Website3. Add Relevant Contact Details to Your Website4. Build … Read more

Google’s Helpful Content Update: Where To Go From Here

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If there’s one thing that’s consistent in our little world, it’s change. And with the recent Google “Helpful Content Update”, it’s clear that adaptability is the name of the game. I recently took to Twitter (X) “Spaces” with Gareth Boyd and Tony Hill to chat about the HCU. Over 1k of you joined my first Spaces! We spent 70+ … Read more

Brand Authority: the New Topical Authority?

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At my last company, SEO was just a part of the overall marketing strategy. It was our worst-performing segment too (if you can believe it!). As the Helpful Content Update rolls out and site owners start to connect the dots, the conversation surrounding “Brand” has been building steam. The idea that you have to build … Read more

How to Fix Internal Link Problems on a Website

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Internal linking. You’ve heard this subject discussed before. And, at first glance, it’s a pretty basic concept. Link to other articles on your site. If you’re not doing it, go do it. But what happens when you “do it”… but you do it wrong? While internal linking is a simple concept, you can actually make a … Read more