How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Website Traffic

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Over the last two weeks, I’ve been ​sharing my latest project​ with you, and I got some replies back from folks feeling a bit lost about the Facebook part of it.

Perfect timing. All the conversation in my world has been around FB of late. ​Andy’s interview on the topic last week on the podcast​ got a ton of interest, and so this week I wanted to focus on it for my blog post.

That reminded me of ​Anne Moss’s​ presentation at the ​Alt G Conference​. She pivoted her entire portfolio from relying on SEO to driving traffic through Facebook, and her insights make for a perfect deep dive. Today, I’ll walk you through the high-level details of what Anne shared, so you can take away some valuable tips 👇

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Creating a Three-Legged Approach

Anne’s approach to Facebook isn’t about chasing viral spikes. Not that that’s bad – virality is a real thing, as Spencer has shared recently on the Niche Pursuits Podcast.

Instead, she focuses on creating sustainable traffic streams that complement other channels like ​Pinterest​ and ​email marketing​. This is my preferred method as well because it mirrors the reliable benefits of SEO.

Here’s how she does it:

  1. Informative Content
    • Anne provides valuable information, tips, and insights related to her audience’s interests.
    • For instance, if her site is about dog care, she shares practical tips on grooming, training, or health.
    • The goal is to educate and provide useful knowledge that addresses her audience’s concerns.
  2. Inspirational Content
    • She engages her audience with motivational or uplifting content.
    • This could be quotes or stories that resonate with her audience’s lifestyle.
    • For a dog care site, this might be a heartwarming story about a dog’s loyalty or a quote about the joy of pet ownership.
    • It’s a bit different from typical website content, but tools like ChatGPT or Gemini can help generate these.
  3. Entertaining Content
    • Anne creates fun and entertaining content that provides a positive experience.
    • This could involve humorous posts, lighthearted anecdotes, or ​playful polls​ and quizzes.
    • For example, a fun quiz about dog breeds or a funny video of dogs doing tricks.
  4. Consistent Posting
    • She ensures valuable content is posted regularly to keep her audience engaged.
    • Consistency builds trust and establishes her as a reliable source in her niche.
    • Use a scheduler like ​Strevio​ or ​Post Planner​ to stay consistent.
  5. Relevant Content
    • Anne tailors her content to her audience’s specific interests and needs.
    • She aligns her posts with what her followers care about, ensuring the content resonates and is valuable.
    • For instance, sharing tips on dealing with common dog health issues or training a new puppy.

I’ll add an additional note here – humor and inspirational content does really well on Facebook. People go there to laugh or feel good… just keep that in mind.

I’m using ​Post Planner​ to schedule all of this content quickly (about 20 minutes of work for a week of content, posting 4x/day). They have a ​free 7-day trial​ if you want to give it a shot.

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I was recently at the ConvertKit conference, and they said that Quizzes have the highest conversion rate of all lead magnets (by a LONG distance). That peaked my interest, so I’m going to spend some time on Jamie’s software soon.

Viral Posts and Baseline Growth

Anne shares that while viral posts can give you quick traffic boosts, she’s all about building a steady base of engaged followers.

She crafts posts that connect emotionally, using humor, a bit of controversy, and fun interactive polls to get shares and comments. The key is making sure these posts also drive valuable traffic to your website.

  • Engaging Emotionally: Use humor, surprise, or controversy to engage your audience emotionally and encourage sharing.
  • Consistency: Post consistently and offer valuable content regularly to maintain engagement.
  • Quality Traffic: Ensure viral posts lead to valuable website visitors by creating posts that resonate with your audience.

I could definitely work on the “controversial” part… gotta work on that. My current niche is definitely not controversial so I’ll have to get a bit creative. But it’s good to focus on!

Actionable Takeaways

From Anne’s insights, here are strategies to get traffic to your site from Facebook:

Maximize Emotional Engagement

  • Use humor, surprise, or even controversy in your posts to grab attention and encourage sharing.
  • Create interactive content like polls and quizzes to drive engagement and shares.

Build Genuine Community

  • Treat your Facebook page as a community hub. Engage with followers by responding to comments and asking questions.
  • Foster a sense of belonging and value among your followers to keep them coming back.

Diversify and Integrate Traffic Sources

  • Don’t rely solely on Facebook. Combine it with other platforms like Pinterest and email for a balanced traffic strategy.
  • Anne’s “three-legged” strategy of using Facebook, Pinterest, and email provides a stable foundation for sustainable growth.

Consistency is Key

  • Regularly post valuable content to maintain audience engagement and build trust.
  • Use scheduling tools to ensure you’re consistently active on Facebook, making it easier to manage and sustain.

Focus on Quality Traffic

  • Ensure your viral posts not only attract attention but also drive meaningful traffic to your website.
  • Craft posts that provide value and align with your website’s content to attract engaged visitors.

Anne Moss recommends ​using Strevio​ to track the success of each post and identify patterns at the page level. It’s also fantastic for analyzing competitors and brainstorming new ideas for your Facebook creatives.


Anne Moss’s pivot to Facebook and subsequent success is really inspiring, especially for those of us with HCU-hit sites.

Anne is committed to building more than just traffic sources, but true brands. She also founded the Web Publishers Association to unite publishers and advocate for our interests online. You can learn more about it ​here​ – I highly recommend you take a look!

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