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Great Website Photography Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Discover the secrets to easily producing amazing photos for your website that’ll help you stand out from the competition & stop relying on the same stock photos your competitors are using!

Website Photography Made Easy [Course Trailer]

Tired of using stock photos for your website, but don’t have a process for taking decent photos? 

Or perhaps you don’t have any fancy DSLR cameras and equipment?

No matter how many visitors your website gets each month, there is no better time to start taking high quality, unique photos for your website. 

And to create these quality photos, you don’t need any fancy equipment or professional photography experience… you just need a process. And that’s where Website Photography Made Easy comes into play. 

You see, smartphones and cameras make taking good photos ridiculously simple these days, provided you know what to do. But you do need a process, otherwise, your pictures will look just like all the other stock pictures online.

This course highlights the process for composition, lighting, and exposure you need to take show-stopping images. Nothing technical, just the simple concepts that quickly produce amazing results. 

With over 4.5 hours of video content, this course takes you on site to 13 different photography examples, ranging from photographing food, products, fitness, fashion, and even inanimate objects. 

This course is brought to you by Jared Bauman of 201 Creative. Prior to running a marketing agency, Jared was a successful professional photographer. He founded Bauman Photographers, one of the most successful studios in Southern California. He cofounded ShootDotEdit, the first choice editing solution for pro photographers worldwide. He sold both before moving into digital marketing and website building.

Jared has educated photographers on worldwide stages like Creative Live, Pro Edu, and WPPI. And now, he’s sharing his secrets with website builders all over the world. 

With This Course, You Will Discover:

  • The 3 Most Important Considerations for Taking Photos for Your Website
  • How to Edit Photos on your Phone and in both Gimp and Lightroom to produce pro level results
  • 13 Different Photo Walk Throughs, including: product, food, fashion, and fitness
  • Special sections on how to shoot good pictures in harsh light and golden hour
  • Key photography basics like composition, lighting, and exposure
  • Smartphone or DSLR camera – which is best for you?

Are You Ready to Take Amazing, Unique Photos for Your Website?

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Here’s What You’ll Get

4.5 Hour Video Course Broken Down Into The Following Lessons:

  • Smartphone vs DSLR Camera (When to Use Each)
  • Photo Basics (Exposure, Lighting, Composition, Inanimate Objects)
  • Photo Example Shoots (Blender, French Press, Pasta, Candle, Yogurt & Granola, Cocktail, Purse, Jeans, Fitness, Laptop, Crypto, Finance, Golden Hour, Harsh Light)
  • Editing (Phone, Lightroom, Gimp)

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Watch The Course Introduction!

Introduction to Website Photography Made Easy Course

Meet Your Instructor: Jared Bauman

Jared Bauman is the Co Founder and CEO of 201 Creative, LLC. He is an expert in business strategy, marketing, and SEO. He is the host of the popular Niche Pursuits podcast, which has been running for over a decade. He is a contributor to Search Engine Land, and owns a portfolio of websites monetized through affiliate and ads.

​​In 2002, Jared founded Bauman Photographers, a well known Southern California photography studio specializing in high end weddings and corporate headshots. Bauman Photographers established itself as one of the most successful examples of a customer-focused associate model, and after 11 years of profitable growth, Jared sold Bauman Photographers in 2012.

Jared was a Co Founder and President of ShootDotEdit, the premium editing company for professional wedding photographers worldwide. Jared sold his shares in the company in 2019.

Jared has spoken all over the country to photographers and creative entrepreneurs, helping them to understand what facets of business and marketing are most important to focus on. A 9 time speaker at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference, Jared has conducted several multi-day courses on Creative Live, in addition to two national speaking tours.

What Other Website Owners and Content Creators are Saying

This photography course couldn’t have come at a better time! With Google hitting websites hard with its Product Reviews updates, it’s becoming apparent that having original product images is going to be crucial for long-term success. Also, custom photos are an easy way to make your website stand out from the competitors to generate higher trust— and more conversions—because the images make your content look more authentic.

What’s awesome about this course is that it teaches you how to take professional-looking photos quickly (even with a smartphone) that can help propel your brand. My favorite part of the course was the example photo shoots where Jared walks you through the entire process of setting up a nice photo using many different types of items. I walked away with tons of ideas on how to take better images for my websites and then turn around to sell on stock photo sites.

Stephen Hockman, Founder of SEO Chatter

As a non-professional photographer, I found this course extremely educational! I now feel like I could easily take high-quality photos for my website in my home using my own phone! Jared is an excellent teacher and makes the complex easy to understand.

Spencer Haws, Niche Pursuits & Link Whisper

Website Photography Made Easy is a game-changing course for bloggers and publishers who want to learn how to take decent photographs for their websites. This is not a course aimed at professional photographers looking to improve their craft. Instead, it’s aimed at beginners who want to know how to get a good photograph from their phone or a basic camera that they already own.

Google has implied that the algorithm might give more weight to published content that uses original photos instead of stock photos. With online publishing becoming more competitive, publishers need to give themselves an edge over their competition. I come from a professional video and photography background, and what I like about Jared’s course is that he gives viewers the 80/20 on how to take good-quality photos and quickly get them ready for publishing.

In short, the course covers all of the essentials without getting bogged down in technical jargon that you don’t really need to know. So, if you want to learn how to take photos that are just as good as stock photos, this is the course for you.

Keith Mint, Minted Empire

I found out about Jared’s course just as I was planning to shoot photos of 26 different products we’re reviewing for one of our niche sites. Previously, I’d have just hoped for the best, opened my iPhone’s camera, and tried to take relevant photos that could be inserted somewhere — basically, try to do a “good enough” job.

Thankfully I watched Jared’s course at the perfect time! Beyond the key points for deciding whether to use a smartphone or a DSLR, Jared takes the time to explain the key elements of taking great photos, like exposure, lighting and composition — and how to optimise for them.

You’re then taken through a series of examples shoots (SUPER useful as I was planning to take pictures of a very similar item!) before learning how to edit your photos — for both DSLR and smartphone images. Really great course that has helped inform how I’ll tackle this product photography project, and will use these skills when I’m next snapping pics!

Jamie IF,

I have been talking about the importance of good quality original images on websites for many years now. 

But it’s hard to make them look good, especially on a limited budget and using just your Phone. 

This course will help you to produce great images for your website and it’s much easier than trying to figure it all out for yourself

Carl Broadbent,

Still not sure this is right for you?
At this point, you have 2 simple options…

  1. You could get the course and…
  • Discover the simple photography tactics found in this course to achieve high quality results in your website photos
  • Start publishing professionally-composed photos that truly “WOW” your readers
  • Distinguish your website from your competition
  • Give Google another reason to value your website and trustworthy and authoritative
  1. Or your other option is to just keep using stock photos and… 
  • Keep trying to figure out what makes excellent photos by gathering bits and pieces of info online
  • Continue messing around with different elements of your shot until “it just comes to you…”
  • Continue with a non-systematic approach that leaves you with inconsistent photos

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Who is the Website Photography Made Easy Course for?

This video course is for anyone looking to easily produce amazing photos for their website. Beginners welcome – you don’t need to know anything about photography to be able to take high quality photos from this course!

What if I am not a professional photographer?

This course was made for non-professionals! As a matter of fact, this course would probably be boring if you’re a pro photographer. But, if you are a content creator, website operator, or affiliate marketer, this course makes it simple to take high quality photos for your website.

Who should NOT buy this course?

While this course goes over the concepts of how to compose and light your image, it is not an in-depth course on how to use your camera. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide on shutter speed, aperture, and advanced photography techniques, this is not the best course for you.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30-day money back guarantee!  If you aren’t happy for any reason, simply email us at info [at] for a full refund!

How do I get the course?

You’ll get an email with your login information so you can watch whenever you’d like!