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I just got back from speaking at the Affiliate Gathering in the UK. It was so great to say hi to many of you in person! I’ll have a full recap in the coming weeks (gotta go through my notes and I’m pretty jetlagged atm).

There was lots of inspiration going around. But, here is a comment I got on three separate occasions when I was talking to people… “hey Jared, that stuff on Flipboard is really interesting.”

And they’re right. How does 1 million pageviews per month from Flipboard sound?

At ​his Alt G Conference Presentation​, Michael Dinich showcased some pretty amazing strategies on driving substantial traffic to your website using Flipboard. After hearing about how he is using it, it sounds exactly like the ​glory days of Pinterest​, when I would drive over 100k PVs per month! Here is a recap:

Speaking of Pinterest, we’re going to be focusing on this topic in the coming weeks. And, I’ve gotten access to a new tool that takes all of the guesswork out of Pinterest. It surfaces hidden data, stats, and keywords so that you know what to target. Get on the list for when it’s released HERE! The early access list will get a free trial.

Understanding Flipboard’s Unique Edge

Michael starts off with an interesting comment “Flipboard is the only social media platform that doesn’t hate bloggers…”

Flipboard is designed to be friendly to blogs and publishers, encouraging the sharing of detailed articles and rich content directly linked to the publishers’ sites.

Flipboard users engage with content by adding it to their magazines. This not only organizes content but also exposes it to followers of those magazines, multiplying its reach.

Flipboard favors the thoughtful articles and engaging videos that we are (hopefully) producing, making it a fertile ground for genuine content discovery. If you’re feeling like Google actually hates helpful content, Flipboard might be a place to turn.

Key Takeaways from Michael Dinich’s Talk

Michael shared his journey with his website, Wealthy Geeks, which now amasses over 1 million page views a month from Flipboard alone! Here’s how you can replicate this success:

  1. Your Flipboard Profile:
    • Simple Start: Register on Flipboard and create a basic profile reflecting your brand. This is your starting point.
    • Magazines Setup: Think of magazines as categories or collections of posts that you can curate on your profile. They are crucial for organizing your content and attracting specific audience segments.
  2. Content Strategy for Flipboard:
    • Diverse Content: Articles, blogs, and videos do well. It’s about mixing the right type of content that resonates with the readership on Flipboard.
    • Engagement Through Magazines: Not just your content, but curating other popular pieces in your magazines can drive higher engagement and followers.
    • Continually Publish: ​Use an AI writer tool like Cuppa​ to add additional content to your site and then promote on Flipboard. Remember, content for Flipboard doesn’t have to be perfectly optimized for SEO!
  3. Advanced Flipboard Strategies:
    • Group Magazines: Collaborate by joining or creating group magazines where multiple users contribute content, which can significantly increase your visibility and traffic.
    • Publisher Status: While beneficial, don’t wait for this to get started. Many reported that they actually aren’t accepting new publishers at this time. You can drive substantial traffic without it.
  4. Community Engagement:
    • Be an Active Contributor: Sharing others’ content and participating in group magazines are excellent ways to build community ties and boost your profile’s growth.
    • Content Sharing Tips: Flip articles that align with your magazines’ themes, and ensure you’re also contributing to others’ magazines.
  5. Technical Tips for Using Flipboard:
    • Mobile vs. Desktop: Some actions are restricted to desktop or mobile, so adapt your usage accordingly.
    • Invite Contributors Effectively: Use the invite feature to expand your magazines’ reach, remembering that links expire in 7 days.
  6. Analyzing Your Success:
    • Monitor Engagement: Keep tabs on which articles perform best and use those insights to refine your strategy.
    • Utilize Analytics: Once you gain publisher status, use Flipboard’s analytics to optimize your content and magazine performance.

Additional Flipboard Tips

This whole topic has my mind thinking more and more about how to make use of my existing content that has been HCU hit. And, I’m wondering if I can apply my content amplification strategy that I use for my content site’s newsletter using Cuppa to further it. Read our ​entire breakdown of Koala vs Cuppa​ here (very long and in-depth). Here are some more detailed things that Michael shared:

  • Leverage Non-Publisher Tools: While many await publisher status to amplify their reach on Flipboard, Michael emphasized the importance of starting now, without reaching “publisher” status.. The initial stages of setting up a robust profile and creating varied content magazines can generate significant traffic without the need for advanced tools.

Now, I haven’t personally tried this yet, but he was really clear about this in both the ​podcast interview​ and ​his Alt G presentation​.

  • Optimize for Visuals and Headlines: Flipboard is a highly visual platform, and the appeal of your featured images and the catchiness of your headlines are critical. Unlike SEO, where straightforward titles might suffice, Flipboard thrives on engaging, curiosity-sparking headlines paired with compelling images.

This is why I called it the Pinterest from 2019 (and I mean that in a really good way!)

Get on the early access list for the hidden gems analytics tool for Pinterest. It’s coming out soon and the early access list will get a free trial. Add your name to the list HERE.

  • Repurpose and Recycle Content Strategically: One of the unique aspects of using Flipboard is the ability to repurpose older content effectively. Michael suggested revisiting and recycling high-performing content by updating headlines or visuals to give them a fresh appeal and reintroducing them to new audiences periodically.

Honestly, you should be doing this on all of our social media platforms as well.

  • Engage with Group Magazines: Participating in group magazines not only increases your content’s visibility but also helps build community engagement. Contributing to and creating group magazines can significantly expand your reach and follower base.

Again, kind of like linking to high-authority content in your blog posts or sharing other niche-relevant content on your social media pages.

  • Syndicate Content: Michael discussed the potential of syndicating content on Flipboard. By republishing content from other creators (with permission and proper credits), you can enrich your magazines and offer more value to your readers, all while driving traffic back to your site.

I remember from my very first interview with him on the podcast that he did that well on his website, so it stands to reason.

  • Community Interaction is Key: Being a proactive community member by engaging with other users’ content, responding to comments, and sharing diverse posts is vital. This not only enhances your profile’s credibility and appeal but also encourages others to interact with and share your content.
  • Use Analytics to Refine Strategy: Once you gain publisher status, making use of Flipboard’s analytics tools can provide deep insights into what works and what doesn’t, allowing for more targeted content strategies and magazine curation.

You all know how big of a fan I am of analytics, know your numbers!

Why Flipboard Matters Now More Than Ever

In an era where Google’s algorithms constantly evolve, diversifying your traffic sources is crucial. That’s what we’ve been talking about in lieu of the Alt G Conference. Flipboard offers a stable platform (for now) to amplify your reach without the typical SEO hustle.

Even better, make use of your existing content on Flipboard!

So, did this inspire you to consider this new platform for traffic generation? Let me know!

P.S. If you want to watch the entire recording of Michael’s 49 minute Flipboard presentation, and 9 others about various traffic generation topics, you can ​grab the recording here​.

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