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12 Totally Free Keyword Research Methods

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Keyword Research. Many (if not most) successful niche site operators would agree it’s the backbone of every successful site.  And don’t get me wrong. I love and use paid tools for finding keywords every day. I did a huge tutorial of one of my favorites Low Fruits.  But tools don’t find everything. And if you’re … Read more

Quick Keyword Research in Less Than 90 Seconds

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For this post, we’re talking all about keyword research. Finding good keywords is arguably the MOST important skill a niche website builder can posses.  Do you have 90 seconds to find a treasure trove of low competition, question-style keywords? If so, read on. You’re probably not using this tactic, and it’s really really simple to implement. … Read more

How to Implement E-E-A-T Signals Onto Your Website Using Schema [Structured Data]

Screencap of the various features of the Rank Math plugin in Wordpress

Last week, I emailed about 9 different SEO tactics I’m paying close attention to this year. I got several emails with various questions, and they all related to a similar topic: how are we implementing some of these strategies?For many of the strategies relating to schema, EEAT, author and company validation, it comes down to how … Read more