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Need to Know Google API Leaks

Google search engine on a tablet screen

Wow, what a whirlwind of insights! Recently, a ​massive leak of Google’s internal API documentation​ has shed light on some of the most closely guarded secrets about how Google’s search algorithms operate. This leak, which spans over 2,500 pages and includes 14,014 attributes, provides unprecedented transparency into the workings of Google Search. ​Mic from iPullRank​ … Read more

Content Update? Here’s How AI Can Simplify Your Strategy

Man using ChatGPT on his laptop

Updating content is hard. Writing new content is a LOT easier. But you need to update your content. ​Danny Sullivan from Google roasted helped a website owner last week on Twitter analyze an article that appeared to be updated but wasn’t actually. He had other recommendations, but that was the one he really harped on. But even without Danny picking … Read more