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AAWP vs. Lasso WordPress Plugin Review

Graph showing the difference between AAWP and Lasso earnings from June to July

We switched all of our affiliate product boxes from AAWP to Lasso for one of our websites. For June, we still had AAWP For July, we moved to Lasso Results? Let’s get into the details! 🧵 👇 Quick NavigationAAWP vs Lasso ResultsHow to Implement Lasso onto a Website1. Used Splash Theme for Product Box2. Used Cactus Theme for … Read more

6 Easy Spots To Store Images for Your Website

Man at his PC looking online at Amazon S3 for storage

As a website owner or developer, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make involves the storage and management of your site’s images. The way you handle this can significantly impact your site’s performance, user experience, and SEO rankings.  This article will explore various options for where to store images for your website, highlighting their … Read more

How to Implement Schema Using Rank Math

Screencap of the various features of the Rank Math plugin in Wordpress

There are many ways to demonstrate E-E-A-T to Google. Schema is one of them.For many of the strategies relating to schema, EEAT, author and company validation, it comes down to how we’re setting up Rank Math. So, I thought I’d send out a tutorial that explains exactly how we set up Rank Math Pro. Don’t have … Read more

How to Delete Tags in ConvertKit

A Google Chrome window with many tabs opened showing the fifth tab with the ConvertKit edit tag option

Deleting tags in ConvertKit is an easy process. If you want the quick version, all you need to do is this: After you log in to your account, go to the Subscribers tab and click “Tags.” Choose the tag you want to delete and click “Edit.” When the tag editing tab shows up, click “Delete,” … Read more

Email List Segmentation: Case Study with 60% Increase

Data analytics reflecting the increase of subscribers, visitors and conversation rate after a month of implementing new email strategies

Alright, today we’re talking about email marketing. I’m going to show you a case study where we increased our email subscribers with a couple of simple changes.  Email marketing is a great strategy for your website. You are future-proofing against Algo Updates and AI, while also adding another potential revenue stream.  Let’s get into it.  ➡️ … Read more

How to Fix a Failing Website (6 Tips)

Graphic image of a hand with a wrench and a monitor symbolizing a website in development

If your website is at least 1 year old, you should be getting organic traffic AND making money. If it isn’t, something is wrong 🛑 Here are the 6 reasons I often see holding websites back 👇 Quick Navigation1. Content Quality2. Missing Search Intent3. Targeting Wrong Keywords4. Missing Topical Authority5. Insufficient Backlink Profile6. Technical Problems … Read more