How to Quickly Make Money With Company Partnerships

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By far, the largest feedback from the Website Case Study I shared has been the numerous ways we monetize the site. So, today I thought I’d share one of the unique ways we’ve added monthly revenue:

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We made an extra $1,970 one month from this strategy, with just 47 minutes of work! The following month we made $1,000, and $3,348 the month after that.

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I embarked on what many would consider a side project, a “side hustle” if you will: Weekend Growth. The concept was simple: take the fleeting, fast-paced nature of social media insights and transform them into something more digestible, more enduring—through email.

The goal? To see if this traditional form of communication could still carve out significant value to people.

The Journey of Weekend Growth

Fast forward a year, and the results speak volumes—not just in subscriber numbers, which impressively hit 4,570, but in tangible outcomes. Imagine a side project not just fostering a vibrant community but also generating $40k in revenue.

Weekend Growth Logo
  • Subscriber Growth: The journey from a concept to a community of 4,570 engaged subscribers showcases the newsletter’s ability to capture and maintain interest in a crowded digital space. Average open rates hover right around 50%.
  • Revenue Generation: $40k in revenue from a side hustle, through a combination of newsletter ads, affiliate earnings, and my own consultingwebsite reviews, and photo course.
  • Brand Building: The newsletter has not only served its immediate goals but also significantly contributed to brand building, parlaying into a YouTube channel that has become monetized and a website.

The Power of Email Newsletters

This experience has underscored a key lesson: properly executed email newsletters extend beyond mere marketing. They serve as a medium for detailed insights and meaningful connections. They can elevate fleeting ideas into substantial content.

Weekend Growth exemplifies the often overlooked potential of newsletters. It demonstrates that newsletters, even as secondary projects, can significantly drive growth, foster engagement, and generate income with a strategic approach.

Keep in mind that I haven’t even tabulated the benefit the newsletter has had on my main business 201 Creative. There is quite a bit of crossover for sure.

Step by Step to Success

Step 1: Crafting the Overview

First things first, I whipped up a one-page summary of what my brand was all about using Canva. This included the basics like website details, brand goal, target audience, traffic and engagement numbers, etc.

Believe it or not, this only took 7 minutes (ChatGPT can make this easy)!

Graphic image of how email marketing works

Step 2: Compiling the List

Next up, I dived into Google, looking for companies selling products relevant to my niche. A few searches here and there, and voila, a list of 49 companies was born in just 29 minutes.

FWIW, this can be easily outsourced to a VA.

Step 3: Making the Introduction

With my list ready, I reached out to these companies, introducing them to my brand and the audience we cater to. For this, tools like Hunter were lifesavers, making it easy to find contact info. A bit of follow-up, and in 11 minutes, the outreach phase was set up.

The Sweet Sound of Success

The response was better than I could have hoped.

One company was particularly interested, leading to a deal that included:

  • a homepage banner ad
  • a banner ad in blog posts
  • a dedicated email blast
  • a sponsored post on the blog

All this for $2,000. It took 47 minutes of work.

Why It Worked

This mini venture thrived for a few reasons:

  • Niche: My site’s in a niche where products command high prices, and brands have budgets to match.
  • Traffic: High traffic numbers meant more visibility for the brand.
  • Email List: Having an engaged email list added value, making my offer sweeter.
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A Few Caveats

Now, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Adjustments were needed to accommodate ads without clashing with my existing setup. Plus, success rates can vary by website and effort involved. But remember, even if it doesn’t work every time, the investment is minimal.

The Moral of the Story

This experience wasn’t just about making a quick buck. It was a testament to the value hidden within our websites and the power of our email newsletters. It’s about seeing beyond the content, recognizing the platform we’ve built, and using it smartly.

So, for those itching to try this out, dive in! The worst that can happen? You spend 47 minutes learning something new. But the best? Well, the sky’s the limit.

Ok, let me know if you have any questions!

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