Case Studies

AAWP vs. Lasso WordPress Plugin Review

Graph showing the difference between AAWP and Lasso earnings from June to July

We switched all of our affiliate product boxes from AAWP to Lasso for one of our websites. For June, we still had AAWP For July, we moved to Lasso Results? Let’s get into the details! 🧵 👇 AAWP vs Lasso Results TLDR: July’s earnings with Lasso were 106% higher than June’s earnings with AAWP. If you want … Read more

Email List Segmentation: Case Study with 60% Increase

Data analytics reflecting the increase of subscribers, visitors and conversation rate after a month of implementing new email strategies

Alright, today we’re talking about email marketing. I’m going to show you a case study where we increased our email subscribers with a couple of simple changes.  Email marketing is a great strategy for your website. You are future-proofing against Algo Updates and AI, while also adding another potential revenue stream.  Let’s get into it.  ➡️ … Read more