Quick Keyword Research in Less Than 90 Seconds

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For this post, we’re talking all about keyword research. Finding good keywords is arguably the MOST important skill a niche website builder can posses. 

Do you have 90 seconds to find a treasure trove of low competition, question-style keywords? If so, read on.

You’re probably not using this tactic, and it’s really really simple to implement.

Quick Keyword Research

Here we go…

  1. Open Ahrefs
  2. Put “quora.com” into Site Explorer
  3. Go to Organic Keywords
  4. Search for a seed keyword that you want to research

For this example, I chose “kiwi.”

Using AHREFS for keyword research

Now, scan through and look for questions that look relevant.

I found a bunch on the first page:

  • is a kiwi a berry
  • why do kiwis burn my tongue
  • what does kiwi taste like
  • can you eat the core of a kiwi
  • etc
Organic keyword report sample from an AHREF query

Let’s look at “why do kiwis burn my tongue”

Quora ranks #4

There is a DR 18 URL ranking #1

There is a DR 1 URL ranking #5

You get the picture….

Keyword report from AHREF with highlighted parts of 3 search results

Rinse and repeat. Not all you find will work out this way, but a lot will.

Quora URLs are typically a good sign of ranking potential.

A well written article on the specific topic should outrank a Quora article, provided Google sees your site as topically relevant.

Use these types of queries to build out Topical Authority on your site. You can also use them to update content with.

Internally link all of these articles together using Link Whisper. Link all of this type of content back up to your Core Pages and Articles.

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Bonus tips on this strategy I’ve heard from others:

  • add a filter to only show Quora results in Top 3 or Top 5 (via @DavidWoutersen)
  • use Ahrefs Content Gap report instead if you already rank for a bunch of keywords in this topical silo (via @ianhelms)

Looking for another powerful way to find keywords? Use REGEX in Google Search Console!

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