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Newsletter Stats

The newsletter is growing quickly. These stats are as of June 9, 2023. We will try to update this page frequently.

  • Subscribers: 1,323
  • Average Open Rate: 51-56%
  • Click to Open Rate: Varys depending on offer, 5-20%

**Note: All emails get resent 2-3 days later to new subscribers and un-opens! This means that your advertisement gets two email sends for the price of one email.

Sponsorship Details

  • The Weekend Growth newsletter goes out every Tuesday or Wednesday (1x per week).
  • We only accept one sponsor per newsletter.
  • We usually include other links besides your ad, but these will always be non-competing.
  • Ad placements allowed: Anything related to building or running niche websites e.g. services, tools, software, products, events and newsletters.
  • Your ad may include:
    • One image/graphic
    • 150 words of text
    • Two links
  • The cost per placement is $150 USD per email, or 4 emails for $525 USD.

You can view some previous emails here.


You can check availability and book your slot online via the calendar below.

To book, click on an available date and time and then click ‘Confirm’.

Alternatively, you can book on the Calendly website.

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