Google Data Studio Templates

Google Data Studio Templates

Get Insights on what actions to take on your website

In its simplest form, Google Data Studio is a great place to aggregate your most popular reports from Google Analytics, Search Console, and other data sources. Instead of having to bounce around between the tools, you can have your most used reports in one place. 

However, Google Data Studio is much more powerful than that. Through the use of custom filters and unique reporting, we have a built a set of templates that doesn’t just report data, but actually gleans insights into what actions need to be taken. 

Perfectly positioned for sites who primarily grow through organic search, these reports highlight some of the following:

  • Which articles on your site need updating due to a loss in traffic?
  • Which articles on your site need optimizing because they are sitting just outside of the “clickable” positions on Google?
  • Which titles need to be optimized because they are underperforming?
  • What FAQ questions do you need to answer, and which articles do you need to add this content to? 
  • Which articles are suffering from keyword cannibalization and holding back your rankings?

Beyond these high powered reports, the templates keep you up to date with important month-over-month trends such as:

  • Sessions, Pages per Session, Bounce Rate, and Average Session Duration
  • Acquisition Channels
  • Traffic by Country and Device